Biotanium™ – A New Age in Implant Technology


All metals that we see in our daily lives -- in suspension bridges, airplanes, automobiles, kitchen sinks, eating utensils, ski poles, golf clubs, jewelry, and hip implants -- are made of billions of tiny crystals. The crystals are comparable to grains of sand like you would find on a beach, only much smaller. The typical size of a single crystal or grain within a piece of metal is close to the diameter of a human hair.

Grain SizeResearchers have for years pursued methods to make metals and alloys with smaller grains. Why? Because the strength of a piece of metal depends directly on the size of its grains. The smaller the grains, the stronger the metal. A multi-national team of scientists from Russian institutes and Los Alamos National Laboratory have pioneered methods to cost effectively reduce the grain size of any metal by a factor of 500 to 1000. This increases metal strength from 30% to 300%, depending on the family of metal. There are thousands of applications for such super strong metals.


For medical applications such as bone implants, Biotaniums Strength reducing grain size into the ultrafine size range can double the strength of titanium and other commonly used medical metals. BASIC Dental has developed with Los Alamos National Laboratory, Manhattan Scientifics Inc., and the Institute for Physics of Advanced Materials an ultrafine grain variant of pure titanium that we call Biotanium™.

In addition to possessing strength beyond what is possible in conventional pure metals, Biotanium™ has also been optimized for integration with living bone. Scientific studies of the attachment and growth of bone cells on Biotanium™ consistently show that these cells adhere better and grow significantly faster -- up to 20 times faster.

Since ultrafine grain metals and alloys are chemically identical to conventional metals, Biotanium™ benefits directly from the long and successful history of using titanium in implants of all types, including dental implants. Biotaniums StrengthThe main difference between ordinary titanium and Biotanium™ is that the grains in Biotanium™ are much smaller and more readily integrated with your bone as new bone cells grow in the presence of dental or other prosthetics.

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